Kvstore problem - regeneration?

Hello everyone, thanks for reading!
I’m going crazy with an asterisk v11.16

The server has had power problems and now there is no way to retrieve the kvstore
Error reading file ‘./asterisk/kvstore.MYD’ (Errcode: 5)

It’s marked as crashed

I’ve already tried:
mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases
myisamchk -r -v -f kvstore
myisamchk --max-record-length=1048576 -r -f /var/lib/mysql/asterisk/kvstore
repair table kvstore; (from mysql prompt)
repair table kvstore extended; (from mysql prompt)

And when I want to copy the kvstore.MYD file, an error occurs (cannot read source file), that is, it seems that the file is damaged (with amportal stop and mysql stop too)

Is there a way to regenerate it?
Any idea to try?

Thanks in advance

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