KUDOS! V15 Backup To V15 Restore Was Perfect!

I just spun up another FreePBX Distro, the latest downloadable ISO, on a Celeron Micro ITX fanless motherboard of an unknown origin/make. (eBay). (Love messing with these things). In any event…

I did an Edge Module Backup of my working system and restored it on the Micro ITX after updating the system and modules to Edge. (Or is it on the Edge)?

In the past I had to copy sound files from one system to the other, enable voicemail on extensions and a several other things. (I did report past backup/restore issues).

The Backup ran and the Restore was flawless. No errors, no issues and everything was set properly and it just worked!




Hi @johnjces Yes we have been putting lots of effort to improve Backup & Restore and related modules to provide flawless experience and glad to see our effort is actually working out.

As such improvement will always be there but feels good to see such feedbacks.

Thanks for sharing the feedback, really appreciate that.

Best Regards


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