KPI for received call and transferred call

Hi all,

we are currently looking for a new phone system and i have put forward to use FreePBX as a solution.
I just want to make sure what we are needing can be done.

If an external call comes in, and the receiver spends a few minutes with the person, then transferred the call to another department and they spend another couple of minutes on the call, both staff need to receive a KPI, as they both assisted with the call?.

we have a own program that will connect via an API to receive the information.


This sounds like a “try it and see” scenario.


  • Define your acronyms. KPIs are Key Process Indicators where I come from, so I’m not clear how that applies in this scenario. :slight_smile:
  • Check out the SangomaCRM package, which may or may not interface automagically to your CRM system. If it doesn’t, you may be able to either write a wedge to connect the two or modify one or the other to interact together.
  • Grab an old PC and throw the PBX on it - it’s free for a reason. If it looks like it should work, then you can move forward with buying modules and making connections.

If your willing to do a little detective work, you can develop a report that documents who was on a call when using the CDR and CEL tables (both of which are MariaDB databases) so even if the KPI thing isn’t what you are looking for right now, it should be simple enough to get it where you want it to go.

There’s a concern (probably me) but it’s important to understand that “the call” isn’t really a thing in Asterisk. Asterisk is a Back to Back User Agent, which means any call that comes in and gets into the IVR is going to spawn additional calls which are then bridged together to form what looks like a seamless “telco-style” phone call. Because of this, a call will come in from outside and get bridged to your IVR, which will then bridge it to an extension, and then bridged to another extension, etc. The original call “TO” the PBX stays the same, the calls “FROM” the PBX are different calls and are hooked up in the middle by Asterisk. Because of this, your “two legged” call scenario is really easy to use and track in the CEL table.

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