Kickstart server down

I’m installing Free PBX distro from my CD right now and I have a problem.

After the installer obtains IP configuration it says that kickstart file at is unable to be downloaded. I checked this URL from other computer and I 404’d.

Are you experiencing some problems? the leaves me on Fedora Apache default page

Try this url:

I just looked at the new installation cd I downloaded, the file isolinux.cfg and just changed it to and it looks up the php file.

Yes the directory changed but you should no be using the old Those are old installs with lots of bugs. That was the original ISO setup. I would not use that for a new install.

I have the same problem. I want re-install my distro version but the url “kickstart” is down. How can I resolv my problem?
Help me, please

I just downloaded what I thought was the latest distro ( and I am also having the same issue. Should I be using something different?