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We want to install FreePBX 10, but it fails in because the kickstart[dot]freepbxdistro[dot]org site is down.

Can anybody help?

Zoltán Antali

Don’t install FreePBX 10?

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No, but the internet access is ok, and if run the script, we got same error in the log.

Why are you trying to install FreePBX v10 which is an outdated and unsupported version?

Because we got problems with the newest versions.

What problems?

I assume you are installing FreePBX Distro 10.13.66 32-bit as linked from this page: (click View All Versions to see it)

HISTORICAL (End of Life 2016) 10.13.66-32bit

This should ONLY be used to reinstall an older system

Release Date: 2016

FreePBX 13 • Linux 6.6 • Asterisk 11 or 13 Supports Legacy BIOS booting ONLY

The fact that it is listed there, with notes about “reinstall[ing] an older system,” implies it should be fit for that purpose.

If the web site(s) needed for the old distro to install are no longer available, Sangoma should take down the link.

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Thanks for the information.

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