Key system Functions

Has anyone setup FreePBX to act like a Key System?

I am using Grandstream GXP2000’s
If a call comes in on line 1 I would like to go put the call on hold and go to another phone push line 1 and pickup the call.
Or is it possible to set up the multi purpose keys as hold keys an pickup from another phone?

Thanks for the help


That’s been an object of discussion for the past 4 years. There have been some attempts at work-arounds, but none are completely satisfactory. The best way to emulate this is call-parking and custom_devstate which is now available.

You can configure a GXP2000 button to park a call, and then configure one or more buttons to pick up a parked call from a specific parking slot. You would have to know (by listening to the announcement) which slot in which the call is parked, but at least you would have a button to press and a light to indicate a call was parked in a specific slot.

We’ve found that we need 3 custom_devstate call pick-up buttons programmed (slots 71, 72, and 73); although we have a total of 10 parking slots. If it should go over three parked calls at a time, they can be retrieved by the appropriate keypress on the number pad.

I know this doesn’t solve your specific issue; but, at least for us, it does provide a modicum of functionality…

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Thank you for the reply.

I have setup my GXP2000’s multi purpose keys for speed dial 70# and BLF 71 & 72.
This seems to work ok However the GXP2000’s TRNF button does not work, but that is an issue for Grandstream.

Thanks again