Kerry Joins Team at 888VoipStore

Now that I am not tied to Fonality anymore, I am looking forward to being platform agnostic once again and working with the different distros. I am building a resource center over at that will have news, tutorials, product reviews, and other related information.

We already have a good reseller program that provides discounts and we are going to be working with open source distros on providing an affiliate program so that users of each platform can help support their favorite distro when ordering product.

Our first promotion is a drawing to be held Friday, March 27, 2009 at 5pm EST…25 people will win copies of my new book “trixbox CE 2.6” and 1 lucky person will win a trixbox Dual Boot (Pro/CE) Base Appliance. To be eligible to win, simply follow us on twitter ( or become a fan on Facebook ( The winners will be announced later in the day and those of you following will be the first to know who the lucky people are.

We are all looking forward to working with and supporting all of the open source distros that are out there.

Kerry Garrison -

From the press release:

VP of SI sounds like a good job. Congrats.

When did FreePBX delete the forum topic: “Why does fonality choose to deceive you?” What is the real story with Kerry Garrison’s split with Fonality?

Kerry, just so you know, your reputation precedes you. We don’t know if some of the things you’ve done in the past were due to the encouragement of your former employer, or on your own volition, but I think that many of us are going to have zero tolerance for any of those types of shenanigans in the future. If you really want to start over with a clean slate, this is your golden opportunity - don’t blow it!

(For the benefit of anyone new to this forum, I’m not implying that Kerry did anything really horrible, just that in some cases he exercised poor judgment in some of his promotional efforts for his former employer, or at least that’s how it came across to some of us).


I was laid of from Fonality on Jan 5th. The reason given was that they wanted to take CE in a “new direction”. This new direction was not explained to me but I suspect that numerous complaints from trixbox Pro resellers about Fonality heavily promoting their free product may have had something to do with it since they also changed the free version of Pro to now being a paid version thus giving resellers a way to make money on what was previously a free product.

I am not going to say anything negative about Fonality or their decision to change their business plans, business is business. I will say that I am happy to be platform agnostic and not be in the middle of the politics between Fonality and FreePBX anymore. I was most certainly tied to a particular project and am now trying to rebuild my bridges with the rest of the community that I had before I started working there.

I am trying to come up with ways here at 888VoipStore to help out open source projects with affiliate programs or even just discount codes for users of those projects and we would like to be involved in training programs and other things like that.