Kernel Patch for Dirty Cow on the Distro?

RedHat has released a patch (I would post a link, but I’m not allowed to) for CentOS 6, but it will only be available for version 6.8+. It looks like the current stable version of the FreePBX Distro is running 6.6.

Are there any plans to get the Distro’s kernel patched? Or, is there some workaround that’s already available that I’m missing?

Another thread on the same subject:

@Marbled, sorry for the double post. I searched “Dirty Cow” (with a space) before posting. :wink:

We are investigating this and deciding if we want to just bring the patched into the kernel we have or go to 6.8. We have been trying to avoid that with the new Sangoma 7 Distro in beta but looks like we will need to move to 6.8 in the mean time.

This is patched with the following upgrade