Kernel 3.8.3 update

Will asterisk 1.8 work properly if i update linux kernel to 3.8.3
or are there any foreseen issues i may encounter?

This is a FreePBX distro?

do you think it will negatively impact freepbx distro in anyway

I assume you are saying you are running the Distro.

If so, yes it will break many utilities, DAHDI, anything compiled against the Kernel.

I think i may have found a way to fix dahdi after upgrading the
kernel as of now dahdi is the only utility effected.
If i cant fix it i guess i will have to try reinstalling kernel 2.6

If you were going to do it anyway why did you bother asking?

You are going to find that many of the loadable libraries are now “tainted” to the Kernel.

i did it unaware it would be a issue.
is it possible to work through this?

It all depends where you got the Kernel from and how you installed it.

If you enabled the CentOS general repo and then updated all dependencies you would be close.

You need to download DAHDI from source at Digium and compile.

You will never be able to update from the distro scripts now.

Why did you need to do this?

With a little research i found you can change the boot kernel in grub.conf
So everything is working fine. I think Im going to uninstall the new kernel
I did this because i thought i needed it for wireless usb adapter till i found
it was a total pain in the A** to get that working so i ordered the usb wireless
adapter that works with Linux out of the box with no extra configuring

thanks for your help