KEEPS Happening - Re-Activation, Gui shows installing branding updates, now page cannot be displayed

Hello All,

the previous post does solve the issue Re-Activation, Gui shows installing branding updates, now page cannot be displayed

However, every week or so, the pop-up happens again, and you have to go through the process.
This is the 4th time one of the server has done it.

Any suggestions?

BUMP! This has happened for like a 5th time now, any ideas???

Can we please chime in on this!

This apparently carries over and again with a different branding error:

“We have identified that the admin port has been changed to 80. The wizard will try to automatically redirect to the new port, but if that doesn’t work, click on the ‘Continue’ button to redirect manually.”

I did do this to clear out the error:
fwconsole m
delete from kvstore_OOBE;

But this can’t keep happening every 20-30 days, it not reliable for the client to simply login.

Branding? Is this PBXact? If so, open a support ticket:

This is a 100% FreePBX ISO, I have never used anything but FreePBX!

The problem is there are resolutions to fix the problem, but the problem comes back every 20 - 30 days.

Obviously does not happen to a lot of folks, so not sure who all you are expecting to “chime in” on it. I suggest looking through freepbx logs (/var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log and others in that directory) to try to identify the problem.

During the process of regular upgrades this issue raised itself, now I’m going through the repair process, but then it asks the following:
Would you like to transfer your new system now?

It’s not a transfer etc, but since this has happened multiple times, should I click transfer instead of skip?


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