Keeping ringing when on call


I’m not sure if this is possible, but I want to make calls continue to be received, or remain accessible, even when another call is currently active on the same phone. This doesn’t necessarily mean the phones need to keep ringing, but have a way to pick it up from the same phone.


If call waiting is enabled both in the device and for the extension, it should just work. If you are having trouble, post details.

Call waiting appears to be on in the extension.

Which details do I need to post?

Details like what phones you are using and what happens when a second call comes in while the phone is already on a call.

I am using a Yealink SIP-T48S which has Call Waiting enabled in the phone and the extension.

What happens is a call comes in while I am already on a call and then after about 15 seconds it goes away.

How did the second call reach you (internal dial direct to your extension, external direct dial, ring group, queue, etc.)?

If you answer the second call well before the 15 seconds, can you pick it up successfully?

If you are not on a call when a call comes in, how long will the phone ring?

When the call stops ringing, what does the caller hear (voicemail, error message, call forwards elsewhere, etc.)?

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