Keeping removed Commercial modules removed, after Distro Upgrade

Hello FreePBX,

I know that removed (not disabled) commercial modules will be reinstalled and enabled after a distro Upgrade.
This is not bad or so, but some modules are giving me extra overhead on CPU, such as PagingPro and QueueReports.

After removing these modules, my systems are getting very quiet and have low cpu resources.

Is there in any way a solution to keep these Commercial modules removed?
I understand the commercial importance for Sangoma, but it is strange, that after removing these commercial modules, they get reinstalled after each upgrade of the Distro.

I hope you can understand this from a users view. For now, I have to create a script to delete/remove these modules in a cron job. But I hope there is a better solution for the future?

It is strange, that the Distro decides to reinstall these commercial modules without asking this, after we have deleted them, isn’t it? FreePBX stands for Freedom, but is feels a little not so ‘Freedom’, if Commercial modules keeps being pushed after each upgrade.

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NO if you remove them they get reinstalled. Its a issue with FreePBX core system where it doesn’t know you uninstalled it versus its a new module that needs to be installed. The distro upgrade scripts are provided free for use and one of the things they do is keep your FreePBX GUI updated and part of updating is installing all modules.

The reason for this is we release new modules that need to be installed so when we do a installall it installs all modules. We have no ability in FreePBX to say install only modules that have not been installed ever before. That is what disable does. If you disable a module it should act as if its uninstalled and nothing should be running for that module. if that is not the case open bug reports on those modules.


Hi Tony,

I understand the system for Fpbx 13 Distro. Thank you for explaining this detailed. Really apopreciated.
Upgrade Scripts have ‘fwconsole ma installall’ which cannot recognize what was deleted, so it will download and install all missing modules. This is quite understandable.

Now I am testing version Fpbx 14Rc, which has automatic ‘Module updates’ and 'System updates’
I tested this with some removed modules and both ‘Systemm updates’ and ‘Module Updates’ do not reinstall 'Not Installed’modules.

Is that Correct?
This would mean that Fpbx 14 does handle updates through GUI different than Distro Upgrade scripts which have the ‘fwconsole ma installall’ command.

If this will stay this way in Fpbx 14, than this issue would be no more for us.
Automatic Updates through GUI is a massive improvement.

Yes FPBX 14 we revamped everything as we have stated numerous times now to others who have asked the same question in the forums.

No more scripts. Everything is handled through the GUI for all updates.

I personally love the way it upgrades the modules and you should too.

Hi Scott,

Can you tell me why you love the way the module upgrades?
The question was about keeping ‘removed modules’ removed.
In my opinion, the upgrade and update system of modules wasd very bad. Had to buy ‘Sysadmin Pro’ to do automatic updates. Fpbx 14 is getting this missing update system and making it automatic.

I would love to hear why you love the way Fpbx updates modules.

If I doTony may stop it from working the why we need it to.

Do you have modules you have purchased? Do you want them to work after an upgrade?
Take a module you purchased a 25-year license for and you upgrade your system and that breaks your module. You would be pissed. So when you upgrade the system upgrade ALL modules and makes them current. If your module is a year old the upgrades are not included. But when you upgrade Tony upgrades all the modules to make sure that all work.
I didn’t want to spell it out because I know it will be fixed some day.

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