Keep ringing when there is no SIP phone connected

Hello all,

I’m playing around a bit with Asterisk and FreePBX and it works very well.

The problem I’m now faced with is the following:

  • I’ve created an incoming route to a ring group.
  • This group contains two extensions related to SIP phone.
  • The “Destination if no answer” is set to the voicemail Box of one of the extensions in the group.

As long as one of the SIP phones is registered, everything is fine.
But if there is no phone registered, the voicemail box picks up immediately.

I understand this behavior but rather want the system to ring for 20sec before handing the call over to the voicemail box. So that the caller has a chance to hangup before the voicemail answers.

Is it possible to configure this?

Many thanks


many thanks - it did the trick :slight_smile:

I tried something similar before, but omitted the #, because I thought it were an internal extension.

It’s working great now.

Thanks and greetings

To do this, you can make a dummy extension that does nothing but wait for 20 seconds and then hang up. Then add this dummy to your ring group. I assume you are using the ringall strategy. This solution wouldn’t work with a hunt strategy (obviously!).

Go out to your /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf file. If there’s a block that starts [from-internal-custom], then just add the two “exten” lines to the end of it. Otherwise, start a new block:

[from-internal-custom] exten => 0000,1,Wait(20) exten => 0000,n,Hangup(18)

I used 0000 but if for some reason you have an extension 0000 on your system already, replace the 0000 in both lines with something unique.

Now, in your ringall ring group, just add 0000# to the list of extensions. So you said you have two SIP phones, let’s say they are extensions 10 and 11, your ring group would look like

10 11 0000#

Tested & works.