Just upgraded to FreePBX, and my Sipgate trunk no longer works

I have been using Trixbox for about a year now, and I just decided to try out Freepbx. I installed version 2.5.22, and then copied over the settings from my old server. The outbound calls work fine using various providers, however both my Sipgate (US) and Sipgate (UK) accounts dont seem to work. If I call either number, I simply get a busy signal. Do I need to set them up differently in FreePBX? If so, what are the correct settings for these providers?

If you post your trunk configs someone may be able to help you. Without information it is impossible to guess what may be wrong.


I got the Sipgate UK DID fixed, so I am half way there. However, my US DID is still not working. As I live in the US, this one is much more important to me. If anyone has suggestions (or working configurations) that would be really appreciated.