Just Started...Trixbox CE


I recently started a new job and part of my weekly tasks are to backup the phone server (TRIXBOX CE). The previous guy that had to do it was backing it up to an FTP or so I thought. A couple days before his last day we found that the FTP that he has been using wasn’t working and now we don’t have a backup system. I tried to boot up the system but it boots to DOS and I have no clue about that.

Is there a way to backup this server manually to an external and just do that every week? or can anyone suggest a freelance IT specialist in Los Angeles that could help me with this dilemma?


First off Trixbox CE is pretty old now and is basically a dead project. When you say it boots into DOS do you mean you get a login prompt on the console with no graphical user Interface?

There will also be a web based GUI so if you browse to the IP address of the IPX (e.g. I don’t know which version of Trixbox CE you run but you should get a status screen up initially (after logging on: I assume you know the username/password).

There should be a “System” menu. Under this menu there is a backup utility. In here you can specify what to backup and and FTP location (and possibly even an Amazon S3 location) to back send the backup to.