Just learning, need help

Well, I have been playing with this a fair bit with X-Lite and a few SIP phone apps for my iPhone, and it seems like a really good program. I have several questions however.
Right now I have a POTS service, is there any reason I cannot use a VOICE modem to connect it to freePBX? I was under the impression that what was needed was analog to digital conversion; is that not what a voice modem does?
If I cannot use a voice modem what is the best option to use to test this out? I am testing and playing, so buying a $70 card is a bit beyond testing and playing, IMO.
Can I use ANY IP telephone? Or are only certain ones compatible? I have found several Lucent 4406D+'s I can get for a good price, but cannot seem to find anywhere what they support (Are they SIP? etc.)

Thanks in advance for the information.

You can’t use a VOICE modem they just don’t work. You can use any phone that uses SIP or IAX2 , with some work H323 or SCCP protocols if they are truly following the rules. The cheapest way is to get an ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) like a linksys/sipura/cisto from ebay maybe 20 bucks or less, then read the plethora of documents as to how to use your purchase.

Good luck but be prepared for a somewhat steep learning curve.

Yes an SPA3102, one FXO and one FXS port (for a phone and a phone line). Is your lowest cost to entry.

Don’t get fooled by the old 1 port x100p cards, they are junk and not completely supported by the latest Asterisk.

If you don’t want to spend much but want a really nice phone look at the Mitel SIP phones on eBay, here is one for $35.00 (I have no relation to the seller).


But will the Lucent 4406D+ work? I can’t find any information on this phone anywhere.
And thank you for the additional information.

No it won’t, from the phones information:

[quote]he 4406D+ Telephone is compatible with Merlin Magix and Avaya IP Office systems.
It requires a station port on a 412 TDL, 024 TDL, IP403, IP406, IP406V2, IP400 DS16, or IP400 DS30.[/quote]

It uses a station port, it’s not even an Ethernet phone let alone running a protocol Asterisk can talk to.

THe Mitel I sent you the link to is just about the least expensive hard phone you will find. It’s also much nicer than the budgetones you may find slightly cheaper.

It does not appear to be a voip phone.

Doing some searching on e-bay I found the tdm400p unit, 4 ports. Is this unit any good for anything?

With respect, you will need to read a lot more about VOIP in general and Asterisk in particular before you continue, a little more research on your friend google will help you understand what a TDM400P is a bout, if it is a real one made by Digium then you will find out that depending on what modules you have on it, it will support FXO and FXS hardware quite well, so it will indeed work with Asterisk.

The conveniently named “Documentation” link both at the right and at the bottom of this page is absolutley required reading. Sorry but nobody here will do your homework for you.

Yes, I intend to read the documentation, I just know that some of the hardware out there is well, crap. And the only way to find out if the stuff is any good is to ask. I have already ordered the Linksys one, and intend to do allot of reading. i am sure that will lead to allot of questions, but I shall read what I can first. Thanks.