Just IVR

The phone system where I work is a Siemens/Unify OpenScape Branch system that gives me zero access to any IVR functions. I’m the IT support here and I should have access to this, but no. What I would like to do is set up a FreePBX system that just acts as a SIP extension on the network, handles some basic IVR functions, then transfers the calls back into the Siemens system. Is this feasible? The Siemens/Unify system claims to be “SIP compliant”. Does FreePBX require a SIP trunk between the systems, or can I just configure it as one or more SIP extensions on the network? The FreePBX box would be located on the same LAN and subnet as the phone system.
Can anyone provide a little guidance here before I drop some $$ on support and find out this isn’t feasible?