Just have installed freepbx, have no password authoritation on web, anyone can enter as admin

hi guys !

need your help very much

i had installed asterisk with freepbx on debian yestarday. it was my first time when i did not use all-in-one reposiroty like elastix. i did everything step-by-step as in http://mikeoverip.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/freepbx-2-8-installation-on-debian-5-lenny/
after installation i got working freepbx with a problem - i have no authorization window via web, so anyone can enter to my freepbx without password but with full admin access -

please help to fix a problem

asterisk 1.4.4
freepbx 2.8.2
debian lenny


In your /etc/amportal.conf what is the value of AUTHTYPE?

You can try to change that to


then do an amportal restart…

Use a different browser and try with username admin and password admin?