Just bought FaxPRO - Nothing received shows in UCP?


I already filed an issue, but is anyone else seeing this? Two different boxes - and it was working a few days ago. The fax is received and shows as a .tif but it never moves to the users in folder under fax and never shows up in UCP.

Probably a script bug since it is still sitting there as a .tif.

Ok - Robert Keller from Schmooze figured this out, but in case anyone else stumbles across this, here is the resolution - if you want to store your FAXes locally and access them through UCP, you HAVE to have some sort of email that it will take or the script bombs.

So even if you don’t want the FAXes emailed, you have to have an address in the recipient email address line of the Extensions Settings under FAX settings - I used [email protected] since the FreePBX GUI won’t let you enter [email protected] since it’s an incomplete address.

If you only want it local, you shouldn’t have to put in an address I think, but what do I know…