Just a little funny story

So, years ago back in the 80’s, I worked for Radio Shack.

Before calling it “TSP” (Tandy Service Policy), it was called “ESP” (Extended Service Policy).

So… this lady comes in to buy a new phone. Well, with probably 50 different models to choose from, I start narrowing it down (Cordless or corded? Answering machine integrated? etc.)

We narrow it down to a model, and she sees at the bottom of the price tag “ESP Available”.

She says “So, what is ESP?”
I said “You’re going to LOVE this feature! Have you ever been in the shower, and the phone rings, and you scramble to get out of the shower before it stops ringing?”
Her: “YES!”
I said “Well, with ESP, you get a special ring 5 minutes before you get a phone call, which gives you time to get to the phone before the actual call comes in!”
Her: “WOW! Really?”
Me: “Ummm… no… lol”

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