Jump back or forward in a message

I have been meaning to ask this, but keep forgetting to. In other voicemail systems, while a message is playing, keys like 1 and 3 or 4 and 6 act as “backup 5 sec” or “jump forward 5 sec” in a message, but the voicemail in FreePBX doesn’t seem to offer this. It would be a great feature if you miss something a caller said (like their phone number) and want to jump back 5 seconds to hear it again without re-playing the entire message from the beginning.
Also, the option to play the message envelope prior to playing the message would be a nice feature so you can tell when a message was left without choosing that specifically. Something like “today at 8:12am” before the caller’s message is played would be sufficient.


Thanks! The * and # keys were never ones that I tried, nor did I find that info anywhere.

Very helpful.

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