Join us for a Webinar: FreePBX PHONE APPS & Digium IP Phones


Join us on March 6th for a webinar outlining how you can enhance the functionality of your FreePBX install and your Digium Phones by using FreePBX Phone Apps. In this presentation Tony Lewis from FreePBX/Schmooze Com and Billy Chia from Digium will show you how the new FreePBX Phone Apps integrate directly with the full line of Digium phones.

NEW WEBINAR: FreePBX Phone Apps & DIGIUM IP PHONESThursday, March 6, 9am, 2pm & 10pm EST (GMT- 05:00)


You will learn how your users can benefit from FreePBX Phone apps, providing them with an enhanced experience and greater productivity. Instead of utilizing hard to remember feature codes, users can now manage enhanced features directly from their Digium Phones. Features such as Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Login/Logout (Hot Desking), Presence Management, Call Forward Management, Call Flow Control, Queue Management and Time Condition Management.




All of the Digium phones available for use with our new Phone Apps are available for purchase from within the FreePBX Portal Store.  Purchasing phones directly from FreePBX/Schmooze Com helps support the continued development of FreePBX, and purchasing the Digium line helps support Asterisk development, two great reasons to purchase Digium Phones direct from Schmooze!



For a limited time we are offering FreePBX Phone Apps for Free.  Simply log into our portal and pick up a free three month license today.  Please note in order to use Phone Apps you will have to have the FreePBX EndPoint Manager licensed and installed.

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