Join in on Chanspy? how do i do this?

I know Chanspy is for listening, but can I also talk as well and have all parties hear me? If so does anyone know what code i enter or how i integrate this?

Thanks in advance

What you describe is a meetme. You can customize the chanspy to transfer a call to a meet me room, and allow others to join.

no no, meetme is for conference rooms. I am talking about a conversation that is going out from a persons desk or a person receiving a call. For example lets say your doing training or lets say your doing monitoring for quality control, this is not meetme, this is Chanspy, and listening is all possible. But whats not possible from what I can see is joining in and talking where the other parties who were talking to each other can now hear you.

for example:

Caller: Do you have this in stock?
Receiver: No i do not
is listening in on call via Chanspy, hears incorrect info and then
Admin: Actually sir, it just got in stock

Or something like the above.

Now i have seen that there is a “whisper” mode which supposedly allows you to do this, but I do not know how ones activates this. I see its something available in Asterisk 1.4 edition.