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On the older version of FreePBX that I have, there was an option under queues, and then “General Queue Options” for a join announcement. It was used to play a recording where you could say something like “Please continue to hold…” I don’t see that option on the new Freepbx server I’m building. Am I missing it somewhere?

Which version do you have? In newer versions it’s under General Settings.

I have It looks like General Settings has been eliminated in these newer versions.

Distro 12.7.4-1712-2.sng7
Asterisk 14.7.5

What do you have on your screen between “Music On Hold Class” and “Call Recording”?

Do you have the “Announcements” module installed and enabled?

Do you have any announcements in your Announcements Module?

That did it. Thank you!

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