Jay Benham RIP

Not strictly speaking a FreePBX thing - more Asterisk - and I’ve been meaning to post for sometime. The male voice artist responisble for en-GB has sadly passed away.

I got in touch with Jay Benham a few years ago wanting to get some new prompts recorded that sounded like the originals - and he was happy to oblige. We became friends and amazingly I found he only lived a few miles from me.

Sad news, but he’ll remain immortal in many Asterisk-based solutions

Crosby, Stills & Nash’s “Helplessly Hoping” a cappella by Jay Benham - YouTube


Thanks for posting. RIP Jay Benham.

Such a shame, I dealt with him when trying to fix UK Sounds to say Hash Key instead of Pound in FreePBX when I worked for Sangoma. He was really nice and easy to deal with.


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