IVR will not restore from backup

I am testing backups and noticed IVR will not restore. When trying to restore from CLI for troubleshooting I get:

In Tar.php line 72:
  Could not open file for reading: ivr 

IVR is backed up. Command ran:

fwconsole backup --restore 20230601-002143-1685578903- --restoresingle=ivr

bug? Same thing happens when restoring from gui

The restore single option will only work when --backupsingle option was used when performing the backup. In this case you may want to use --modules and enter the module(s) you need to restore along with the --restore option.

Sangoma support helped resolve this. Not sure how this happened but the IVR on the production server 16.0.6 and the box we were restoring to was 16.0.5 which is current. The productioin server is not in edge mode, so who would it have gotten 16.0.6 ? Even when I run all updates on the box I was restoring to it only went to 16.0.5

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