Ivr will not answer if ring time is more than 10 seconds

I have 2 phones in a ring group that handle all outside calls. If the ring group does not answer the call an IVR is supposed to answer. If i set the ring time for more than 10 seconds the IVR will not pick up. The phone continues to ring until the call times out. I have compared all the programming with our other server and it matches exactly. That server has ring time set to 25 seconds. I have also compared the programming on all of our Vega 60G gateways and they all match. Looking for a suggestion on what could possibly be the problem. Thanks

Is it possible your provider requires an answer before 10 seconds? On the inbound route try testing with the ‘force answer’ option. There is also a ‘send progress’ option on the ring group you can try. Failing that, a full call trace should tell use what’s happening:


I forgot to add that this only happens on the main number. If i call one of the secondary numbers it will ring for 25 seconds and then the IVR picks up. I also though it was a provider issue but, with the secondary lines working correctly I do not think so

Check for FAX detection, which will seize the line and “pre-answer” it. Also, check the logs and see what the PBX is actually doing with the inbound call.

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