IVR vs System Recordings


I like the functionality of System Recordings that will let me swap out audio files or simply add a new audio file to the existing string of audio files. This helps in adding, removing, or modifying lines in an IVR.

At the moment, I am trying to incorporate that, and my understanding is this: The IVR will simply use a recording (in my case, I will create a string of audio files in System Recordings) and the options have nothing to do with them. Correct?

Also, do I have to upload a fake file to begin the process of stringing audio files? Because I can’t just click “New recording” and I have the option of stringing audio files.

Finally, the whole “add another audio file” thing is bad because I need to save before another one comes up.


IVRs do use recordings then listen for the response such as a key entry. Yes you can change the recording provided you aren’t expecting the key options to change with it. You should record the audio file first, build your IVR. Then if you want to modify the recording you can and just swap the file, again assuming the responses expected are still the same.

For most of us I think the IVR doesn’t change much after it’s built. You sound like you want to change it frequently. I’m not sure why you’d want to do that but yes, it is do-able provided you swap out a sound recording in the correct format.

Not frequently but I’m just adding a new option in the IVR.

For sales (for-sales)
Press 1 (press-1)
For support (for-support)
Press 2 (press 2)

Now, I’m adding a third option:

For technical issues (for-technicalissues)
Press 3 (press 3)

So I want to simply stitch the 3rd option and its files to the previous one.