IVR, Voice Prompts, MOH using Follow Me (help me!)

I’m a newbie to much of this so any help is appreciated. I seem to find pieces of the puzzle, but I can’t seem to put them together.

I have an IVR “PBX” opening greeting “thanks for calling, if you know your parties 3 digit extension…”, after the caller has chosen an extension and while that extension is ringing, I have a ~22 second sales pitch I’d like the caller to hear, although the remainder of the voice file is about 60 seconds long with the last 38 just music.

I understanding that by using MOH, I can have the extension ring and pick it up during the voice prompt, but I’d like the caller to go to my VM if i don’t answer within 10 seconds or so after the sales pitch ends (so around 35 seconds). I’m trying to do this using follow me. I can’t seem to figure out how to get the call to go to VM at around 35 seconds. Instead, it plays the entire message 3 times, or even though I have the MOH message enabled, it will sometimes just play a ringing sound to the caller. I’ve also messed around to where it would sometimes just go directly to voicemail as soon as the extension is chosen.

Can anyone please help??

I would take Audacity or Audition and shorten the 60 second spot to 22 seconds and include only the sales pitch. I would then use that file as an announcement. After the announcement is finished, send the call to a ring group with your extension as the only extension in the list and music on hold instead of ringing. Let it ring 10 seconds and then to your voicemail.


Incoming route points to an Announcement.
After announcement destination is a ring group.
Ring group has MOH instead of ring and is set to 10 seconds.
No-answer destination for ring group is your voicemail.