IVR to voicemail-no-msg missing standard prompts

Running FreePBX

I’ve got an IVR with an option to send the caller direct to voicemail with no message. When callers select the option, they hear the tone, but no instructions (“Please leave your message after the tone. When done, hang up or press the pound key”).

Shouldn’t the instructions play? Standard Prompts are not disabled in Voicemail Admin.

No when you tell it no message nothing is played.

Okay, thanks.

Next question: is there a way to play instructions only without a greeting? Misc destination or application, maybe? Empty/non-existent recording?

Route the IVR to an Announcement (that plays instructions), which then routes to Voicemail with no message.

Or, as you said, use an empty greeting.

Or, put the instructions in the greeting and turn off instructions.

You can also use VMX Locater

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