IVR to Voicemail - Bad Destination


I configured my IVR to go to the voicemail system if *98 is dialed.

In the IVR, I set *98, Feature Code Admin, Dial Voicemail (*98)

This works fine when I call in, however, there is a warning on the status page that says bad destination.

IVR: daytime / Option: *98

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I am using FreePBX and Asterisk

Is this a bug?

Why not set up a misc destination to your voice mail and send your ivr selection to that?

Markwho is correct you have to set up a misc destination call it voicemail and point it to *98. Then point your IVR to the misc destination. What I tell my clients to do is hit 9 for get voicemail from the outside.


I followed your suggestions and the error messages have disappeared. However, there was some weirdness.

After creating a custom destination for voicemail, I went to the IVR config page. I added an entry for *98, I selected Custom Destination, and selected Voicemail. As soon as I clicked the Save button, the option switched back to Feature Code Admin–>Dial Voicemail <*98>.

I am able to dial in and select *98 to get to voicemail and the error messages are gone. Was the behavior described above normal?

This seems to be the new way that you are supposed to transfer to voicemail. Specifically, on the Miscellaneous Destination tab, it says:

Misc Destinations are for adding destinations that can be used by other FreePBX modules, generally used to route incoming calls. If you want to create feature codes that can be dialed by internal users and go to various destinations, please see the Misc Applications module. If you need access to a Feature Code, such as *98 to dial voicemail or a Time Condition toggle, these destinations are now provided as Feature Code Admin destinations. For upgrade compatibility, if you previously had configured such a destination, it will still work but the Feature Code short cuts select list is not longer provided.

On my old system (Trixbox with OLD freepbx), I did have it setup using “misc dest” to get to voicemail when I dial “*”, but it seems to work the new way too on this new system with FreePBX 2.9. I did switch one my IVR’s to use “1” thinking it might be sensitive to the asterisk, but it didn’t change the problem. Seems to only be a problem on the “FreePBX System Status” tab because it seems to work fine.

so, what is the consensus. Use the old method of going to voicemail from IVR even though the FreePBX menus say not to do it this way anymore? Is there a better way to get this bug (or feature if you prefer) worked on?

I am using FreePBX Distro 2.10 beta 3 and seeing the same bad destination message on the System Status page.

I submitted a bug report on this. It looks like a bug related to the new handling of the “feature code admin” feature in IVRs.

“Any IVR entry using a “Feature Code Admin” destination is reported as a bad destination on the FreePBX System Status page”, http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/5488

-Tim Miller Dyck