IVR to targetted Voice Mail Retrieval - how best to configure

What I’m trying to do is have an IVR route to the voice mail as though it had been dialed from an extension; that is, the voice mail should answer with “you have 1 message…” The IVR “extension” will have enough digits to make this reasonably secure.

What I’ve come up with so far is sending the IVR ext to a Ring Group, the Ring Group then inserts a Fixed CID value corresponding to the voice mail box, and the extension list contains the Feature code for “My Voicemail.”

This doesn’t seem to work - it gets to the voice mail, but the target mailbox isn’t identified.

What’s a reasonable way to accomplish this?



If you have your IVR set up to allow direct access to an extension, you may dil *. Plus the extension number. this will take you directly to the VM of the selected extension.