IVR to mailboxes only

I need an night time IVR where any extension dialed goes to the voicemails and not the extension. This is for a school ,with about 20 extensions.

build a separate IVR with destinations pointed to voicemail versus extension

determine which IVR inbound is sent to with time condition

sounds reasonable ?

I want the caller to dial an extension and end up in the extension’s voicemail. I do not want the phone to ring.

I may have to say please dial * followed by your party’s extension. For example *101.

It will get the job done I suppose.

Can I have IVR Digits match my extensions? my extensions are two digit, therefore can I have IVR digits as 22 transfers to voicemail 22, IVR digits 23 transfers to voicemail 23. IVR digits 34 transfers to voicemail 34. I will have to try that.

And that worked as expected. Excellent.

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