IVR to IP-trunk 404

I have an IVR and when someone presses 2, I set the destination to be a particular trunk. The call center has IP authentication setup for me to send them calls. I will never receive calls from them.



I created a SIP trunk and put serverplus as the trunk name and the remainder of the config I put into the PEER details. I do not specify any other options (well, other than Trunk Name). The call center is supposed to see the original caller’s CID. I get a 404.

I have attached a packet capture of the transaction. You’ll have to rename it to pcap to open. I couldn’t attach pcap files here.

I’m running the PIAF ESX-Green template as of last week. It’s running FreePBX

Unless something on their side changed, I assume it is on my side as my PBX blew up and I had to rebuild it.



Don’t seem to have any captures “attached”, you might want to do a "
asterisk -rx “sip set debug ip”

Make a call, hit 2,

Copy the log entries from /var/log/asterisk/full (put a link to pastebin)