IVR to external ext

We are using Freepbx, Avaya, and Skype for business. They all tie into a Sonus GW. We have four digit dialing between all systems working great. I have created an IVR on Freepbx and i would like to be able to dial by extension for local and remote extensions. Local extension (6xxx) dialing is working fine, but having a hard time figuring out how to get the system to dial my 4xxx extentions that live on my SFB and 8xxx on my Avaya system. Is this possible to do and if so can you point me in the direction to get this working?

Yes. Populate a Directory with extension numbers that you want to allow access to, and then select this Directory for ‘direct dial’ in the IVR.

Populate the directory with the extensions from SFB and Avaya?

Yes, and the local extensions you want to grant access to. You can probably also use a dial pattern in the Directory, tho you would have to test and ensure you catch misdials that match the pattern but don’t match an extension. A pattern of _62XX should (I think!) allow the IVR caller to dial any number between 6200-6299.

Is there a way to permit direct dialing the extension that is outside the system without using the Directory?

You can write your own context to handle it.

I have looked for custom context but i an not seeing much about it. Can you point me the right direction?

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