IVR to Directory has about 4 seconds delay FreePBX 14

Hi there,

I searched the forum and the only thread I found is from 2014 and the answer provided there is not really something that would work for me.

On my PBX, when I go from the IVR menu to the Directory, there is a pretty long delay. I tried using a unique “directory selection number” that does not match with any of the Features code, to avoid the system waiting for a second digit to be pressed, with no luck.

Am I missing something? I even checked CPU and memory utilization looking for a spike in used resources but everything is normal.

I don’t like the idea of changing the “timeout” for the second digit from the standard 3sec as that value is very reasonable to me, and I am not even sure if that is the issue

Thank you for your time


What I am not sure is if this is a normal behavior.
Do you have any system up with similar delay or is just my PBX? If that is the case I can dig further if you have any directions on where to look

Thank you so much

If ‘enable direct dial’ is set , yes expect that delay. If unset, don’t expect direct dial to function.

Try setting ‘Force Strict Dial Timeout’ to ‘No - Legacy’.

Thank you so much.

I do need the “enable direct dial” enabled and I already have it set to “No-Legacy”.
I will maybe try to set “Force Strict Dial Timeout” to Yes and play with the timeout. Even 1.5 to 2 sec faster will make me happy. I just don’t want to have a too short timeout for any regular dial selection

Thank you again


If Enable Direct Dial points to a Directory, which has no entries beginning with the digit used to select Directory (and there are also IVR entries beginning with that digit), I would think that there should not be a timeout. Possibly this is a bug that should be reported.

A workaround (which may be unacceptable) is to require callers to press a digit before entering an extension number.

Another option is to get a DID for each user so they can be directly dialed without going through the IVR at all. Unfortunately, this is only feasible if you are in a country such as US where numbers are very inexpensive, and you don’t need to allow toll free callers to dial extensions via the IVR.