IVR Suddenly started ignoring DTMF

Hi all,

I have 3 IVR’s set up on our system and they’ve been working flawlessly up until the past few days.

The only thing I can think of that changed is that I installed the new IVR- on Sunday.
I started getting complaints on Tuesday so I assume that this is the culprit.

I extracted the tarballs 0.4 and 0.5 and there only seems to be a single line change there. So if that is the problem then it may have been triggered by the install itself.

Last time I had DTMF issues it was from external calls only so I ended up having to set the default dtmfmode=auto (in “Other SIP settings”) and all endpoints set to rfc2833.

This time it’s different as the IVR does not respond to key-presses from either internal or external calls.

Voicemail responds to DTMF just fine.

I have enabled logging of DTMF but see nothing (unless it’s voicemail) in the logs when calling into the IVR and mashing buttons.

I have a log snippet (DTMF logging enabled) at pastebin

Asterisk (Ver.
FreePBX (all modules show as up to date)

Would appreciate any help in tracking this down.

Well it’s seems my provider likes to play Musical DTMF (pun fully intended =))

It turns out that the DTMF was working fine from internal phones after all but for some unknown reason I had to set dtmfmode=inband in my sip.conf before they would work for incoming calls.

Just wanted to mark this as solved and leave a note for anyone else running into similar issues.

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