IVR - send recording to external number

Hello, need your kindly advise.

how to send the recording to the external number(mobile) on the IVR.

for example, one dialed “1” and listened to the recording, then he should dial any wanted tel number to send this recording to this wanted number.

thanks in advance,


We have a WIKI Full of documentation on things like “creating an IVR”

I am not sure what you are trying to do from your description but it doesn’t sound like an IVR. Can you give us a better idea of the call flow.

User Dials Extension
System answers
system does …
user does…
system does…


thanks for reply, my situation is:

i am trying to adjust IVR -
user hears the IVR menu, like “please dial number 1 to send congratulation, dial 2 to send anecdote.
user press 1, system says please press 1 to listen to first congratulation message, user presses 1 system plays the message, then system says dial number of tel followed by # to send this message to your friend user presses, system sends this voice message to that number.”