IVR / Ringall Issue

I have a trixbox PBX which FreePBX 2.3.0 installed. I created IVR and a ring group(601). Whatever number a caller presses, IVR directs them to the ring group(601) and rings all the phones listed. When I check the reports in freePBX, it lists the ring group number(601) instead of a extension that picks the call up. Is there a way to fix this? Our reports are not correct because of this issue.

Thank you.

Your version of FreePBX, 2.3.0, is very old. I would suggest an upgrade to the latest version of FreePBX, version 2.5. You can read here http://freepbx.org/support/documentation/installation/upgrading-your-system on how to do that.
Before you do, I suggest that you take a good backup of your system (I am sure that you do that on a regularly basis).
The chance is that the new version solves the problem that you have, if not, then file a bug ticket here http://freepbx.org/trac/newticket

Mikael Carlsson

Actually, the behavior you are experiencing is the correct behavior. But check the line below the one that and you might see which extension answered.

sorry for the late reply.
to mickecarlsson:

I will try to upgrade the my systems to the new version of FREPBX. Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

to lazytt:
We get thousands of calls every month. So how is it going to work if I make a search for a specific extension?

well, you can either search for how many call were answered by a specific extension, or create your own app that goes thru the cdr and finds the info for you and generates reports accordingly…

hi lazzytt,

it is the problem. I am willing to do that but there is no record in CDR that who answered the phone. The only calls recorded is 601(ring group). If someone calls our company IVR answers first. When they press 0, all the phones ring becuase of the ring groups I set up. We do not use queue. Whoever answer the phone first picks up the call.But CDR report shows under DST column that the all answered by the extension 601, not the extension picked up the call.

I will do a fresh install and upgrade to new FREEPBX. Let’s see how is it going to be?

I will let you know.

Thank you for your time.

What I realized that trixboxes CDR report displays what I want. It has destination and dst. Channel which gives the report accurately. What I understand is the feature is there but not implemented. It will be very nice to have this in FREEPBX’s CDR report. Also it has a Recording column that can be accessed the recordings on the same page. This will be another great feature to add.

Hmm. both FreePBX and trixbox pull data from the same database - and what your looking for is probably there. You just need to know how to find it

Check the PHP code for the CDR display. Additional query fields and data columns are defined, but commented out in the code. If you remove the comments for the columns you would like, you will see them in the CDR display. On the other hand, I don’t think that the linking to the recordings is available. By the way, the method used to play the recordings opens up a nasty security hole, so don’t look for that feature to show up in FreePBX real soon.

I did some changes on the admin/cdr/call-log.php.It seems that it is working. I am giving it here in case someone might need it.

First I added a new line just after the
$FG_TABLE_COL[]=array (“Dst”, “dst”, “14%”, “center”, “SORT”, “30”);

//the new line is (insert this line just after the abocve line)
$FG_TABLE_COL[]=array (“Dstchannel”, “dstchannel”, “14%”, “center”, “SORT”, “30”);

Then I added a new field dstchannel in $FG_COL_QUERY, like
$FG_COL_QUERY=‘calldate, channel, src, clid, dst, dstchannel, disposition, duration’;

I added below line around 196
$SQLcmd = do_field($SQLcmd, ‘dstchannel’);

Then I created a new seach row just before the CHANNEL row like

<td align="left" bgcolor="#000033"><font face="verdana" size="1" color="#ffffff"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;DST CHANNEL</b></font>	</td>
<td class="bar-search" align="left" bgcolor="#acbdee">&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" name="dstchannel" value="<?php echo $dstchannel?>" /></td>

That’s it.