IVR Ring Groups

I have an IVR setup, which when callers press 1, 0 it sends to a ring group group which has x300 and x301 attached to it, using the ‘ringall’ feature. However, only x301 rings. When watching the call in the SIP Channels report, I can see Dial(Sip/300&Sip/301), but again nothing is coming through on the phone. Dialing the phone by itself works fine.

Forgive me if there is more info needed, as I am VERY new to the system.

provide a call trace via pastebin


Thanks for your reply. After looking at the logs you directed me to, I noticed that phone is still forwarding out to a cell phone using a misc destination that no longer exists.

I have Ignore CF enabled on the ring group and nowhere in that extension is it still being directed to forward calls.

Suggestions? I’ll still get the logs into a pastebin and post them here.

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