IVR: Ring group and queue falsely detecting that agent is on the phone

I am configuring the main IVR for my freepbx server. I have set it up so dialing 0 calls an Operators ring group. At present that ring group just has my extension which is configured on my free Zoiper softphone. I am using Twilio free trial account.

When I call into my PBX from my cell phone which is registered with Twilio (as only registered phones are allowed to call or receive calls in Twilio free trial accounts), I get my IVR menu (good). When I dial 0 I get a response “The person at extension XXXX is on the phone” (bad). However, I am not on the phone on my Zoiper account. I have also tried this from another cell phone (also registered with Twilio) and get the same unexpected response.

I have repeated the experiment with a Queue as Operators queue with just one agent (me with my extension mapped to my Zoiper softphone) and get the same unexpected result.

Note that I had success in calling my Zoiper phone. What might cause this?

Shortly after posting I found the cause of the problem. It is on the Zoiper softphone side and not freepbx.

The following resource was helpful:

The problem was resolved by clicking Unregister and Register on my Zoiper account setting.
Hope this helps someone else.

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