IVR recording length

I have created 17 second MP3 recording for IVR. After upload to FreePBX i can re-download this file and play the entire 17 second recording.

When I call into the PBX the IVR starts to play the recording, but stops after approx 7 seconds. It stops at the exact spot every time. I can still enter extensions and be routed properly. The IVR goes silent after 7 seconds.

Any ideas what is wrong.


Did you add the recording into accouncements then created an ivr and selected that as an accouncement

Yes, as you suggested I made it an “Announcement”. Still stops at the same spot. I also just logged into FreeBPX from another pc. Re-downloaded the recording, can play and hear the full 17 seconds.

What version of freepbx


Also tried reboot

I wouldn’t be comfortable with using an MP3 for this.

Have you tried convertng the file (using something like ‘sox’) into a file format that doesn’t require on-the-fly transcoding?

I downloaded Audacity. Tried different file types, wma, wmv, and mp3. Could not hear wma or wmv. Exported MP3 to 8k mhz. Now could hear full recording but bad quality. Exported to 16k mhz. Now I can hear the full recording and is good quality.