Ivr Question


Newb IVR question - I’d appreciate specific advice but even a general nudge is fine; I can read the manual but need direction.

We have four extenstions, two of which ring everytime someone calls. if we don’t pickup, the call goes to the receptionist’s voicemail, which we use as the general company’s voicemail system.

What I want to do is offer the user two choices if we don’t pickup - leave a general voicemail, or transfer to a specific extension. This is only if we don’t answer the phone - our live receptionist is always frontline.

Is this done via an IVR? Do I do something like set up an IVr then set it as the goto when no pickup on our main ringgroup?

Appreciate any pointers in where I should be looking.

That is the way to do it. You could even have a second option to use the dial by name directory.