IVR Prompts/announcements not playing

FreePBX newbie. Love it, and hope to fix this issue.

Installed AsteriskNOW 1.7.1-i386.iso on Tuesday, 1/11/2011 on an i386 32-bit box.

Running FreePBX with IVR module installed.

I installed mpg123.1.13.1 on the server (/usr/bin/mpg123-1.13.1 folder), and tested it, and it works.

Phones are working fine, both inbound and outbound, but I set up a ring group to ring all extensions for our inbound route, as I can’t get the IVR to work.

I created custom mp3’s and successfully uploaded them. Tested the custom mp3 prompts through FreePBX web interface, and they play just fine.
note: I had to set CheckReferer to False, so FreePBX could play the
mp3 link.
Played the custom mp3 prompts on the server, and they play just fine.

Checked the permissions on the custom prompts, and they show asterisk as owner, with read-write and read-only for everyone else.

Built-in prompts play correctly.

Next, created all the IVR’s, and set up the destinations to point to the child IVRs. All IVRs have a custom mp3 for the announcement (ex. “Sales. Please press 1 for websites, 2 for application development or star to return to main menu.”)

Next, I set the destination of my inbound route (only one) to the “mainmenu” IVR.

I call in, and all I get is some static, and nothing else. If I hit the proper keys, it navigates to the proper extension, and if I keep that extension off the hook, it goes the extension’s voicemail box and the system voicemail prompt/announcement plays properly.
So it appears the IVRs are working, but not the announements.
So, sound works, but the custom IVR mp3’s are not playing. What gives???

Below is our main menu IVR setup:

Name: FiveTalent Main
Announcement: FTS-PhoneSvr-MainMenu
Timeout: 10
Enable Directory: TRUE
VM Return to IVR: TRUE
Directory Context: default
Enable Direct Dial: TRUE
Loop Before t-dest: FALSE
Timeout Message: None
Loop Before i-dest: FALSE
Invalid Message: None
Repeat Loops: 2

Return to IVR: FALSE
Key: 1
Destination: IVR: Sales

… etc.

only the MoH module converts them to wav.

Thanks, p_lindheimer, for the quick response!

The part I don’t get… if FreePbx converts them to wav, what didn’t it, or when/how does it? Is there a step I’m missing, or should I not use the FreePBX web gui to upload the mp3 files? I thought it converted them automatically upon upload.

I can go back and attempt recording in wav format (per the required format spec).

all sound files should be wav (or other supported formats).

You won’t be able to play native mp3 files through asterisk, nor would you ever want to.

Only MoH can play native MP3 files and that is also a bad idea and why FreePBX converts them to wav files.