IVR-Play recording then return to IVR-how?

I have an IVR that is like this after the recording is played:
1: Hours
2: Location
3: Fax number
4: Live person.

I set up 1-3 to “play message”. But after it plays the message, I want it to return to the IVR. Instead, it just plays the message (like hours) and terminates the call. Some IVR options allow you to select “return to IVR” but not the “play message” button. How can I make this work?

This is FreePBX 14

Send the option to announcement module that plays the recording and have it return to IVR after that is played. Maybe spend sometime in the FreePBX wiki as most things are very well documented. Here is a link for example on what you want to do.https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Announcements+Module+User+Guide

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