IVR Pause?

Is there a feature code to allow a customer to pause the IVR to receive a code validation call to their DID and then ‘un-pause’ the IVR back to operation?

I should have mentioned that the validation code is specific to the main number/DID so has to come to it.

I can think if a couple of ways to do it, but there’s nothing inherent in the IVR code right now that does that, AFAIK.

  • You can add an option that goes to another IVR and just waits for a keypress.
  • You can write a bit of custom code that is the destination of one of your IVR options.
  • You can add options for “repeat” and “go on” to a custom context that plays back the code.

Other than those, I don’t think there’s anything specifically like what you are asking for.

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