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I’m working in a company where we use FreePBX as PBX.

A few days ago, we had a power cut. Since then, IVR are not working anymore. When we press a key on the phone, it’s not recognized.

I made all the latest updates, and I forced the reinstallation of the IVR module with the latest version.

Could any of you give me some tips to resolve this very disturbing problem, because our technical support is no longer able to receive calls from customers.

Thanks in advance.

FreePBX version :
Asterisk version : 13.32.0
IVR module version : 15.0.26

Do you have this issue when doing a test call from an internal extension? If it only happens with calls from outside, can you tell us what type of provider/trunk is being used? Other than the IVR, could you try testing other calls that involve key presses, like voicemail menus? It will be helpful to know if key presses are not working across the system, or if it’s just your IVR.

If it is just the IVR, and it doesn’t matter if the caller is internal or external, can you tell us what one of the failing options is supposed to do?

Hello, thanks for your fast reply.

Before this electricity problem, all was working fine.

Sometimes it works using internal or external ways, but based on the phone, sometimes now it’s working, sometimes not. Sometimes using my iPhone XS it’s working fine, and hours after, it’s not working.

Maybe some files system are corrupted/broken?

About my SIP provider, we’re using OVH.

Hi! Try going to Settings > Asterisk Log Files Settings > Log files tab > enable dtmf for “Console”.

Then Apply, open your Asterisk CLI, make a call and take a look if you can see the DTMF entries on that call.

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Thanks for your fast reply.

Nothing appear in the console when enabled DTMF logging for “console”.

Do internal extensions ever have any issues when going through voicemail menus, or looking up names from a Directory?

With DTMF enabled on the console, after the Apply Config/Reload, you should start seeing DTMF messages in your asterisk cli when keys are pressed. The messages look like:

[2020-05-29 08:05:49] DTMF[28294][C-0000001a]: channel.c:4242 __ast_read: DTMF begin ‘2’ received on PJSIP/102-00000026
[2020-05-29 08:05:49] DTMF[28294][C-0000001a]: channel.c:4253 __ast_read: DTMF begin passthrough ‘2’ on PJSIP/102-00000026
[2020-05-29 08:05:49] DTMF[28294][C-0000001a]: channel.c:4128 __ast_read: DTMF end ‘2’ received on PJSIP/102-00000026, duration 110 ms
[2020-05-29 08:05:49] DTMF[28294][C-0000001a]: channel.c:4179 __ast_read: DTMF end accepted with begin ‘2’ on PJSIP/102-00000026
[2020-05-29 08:05:49] DTMF[28294][C-0000001a]: channel.c:4217 __ast_read: DTMF end passthrough ‘2’ on PJSIP/102-00000026

You should even see these messages if 2 internal extensions are talking to each and keys are pressed during the call, assuming they’re typical sip/pjsip extensions.


Thanks for your reply.

Using internal way, it seems to works fine (using my softphone).

Using internal way: DTMF worked and appeared in the console.
Using external way: DTMF didn’t worked and not appeared in the console.

You said both internal and external calls have experienced issues. Do you know how often the problem happens? For example, if the external way was failing on the previous test, would it would within another 3 tries?

This is a difficult one since it is an inconsistent issue on both internal and external calls. But if it’s easily reproducible within a few attempts, that helps with troubleshooting. I can’t really think of what could trigger this from a power outage. If you can reproduce it again, can you show us what you see in the asterisk cli during that failing call? If you could do it from an internal extension, that would help too since it would rule out any provider related causes.

Hello guys,

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late reply.

The problem seems to be resolved by changing DTFM mode from “auto” to “rfc2833”. Really weird, but was fixed using it (for now, and I hope it’ll stay like that for the next 2 years, haha).

Thanks for your help and good luck for the future.


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