IVR not working


I’m having trouble recording a basic IVR. The .wav file is not saving (they are empty files - no sound). Also noticing a loop for the *99 menu. I respond with a button push and it’s not registering. The logs are saying that the “user entered nothing” when attempting to listen to the *99 menu and responding to it.

Any ideas?


After wasting a lot of time, I found out that I needed to press a # to save the message after recording the message. This should be stated in the GUI internal options & configuration/System Recordings. As it stands now, it just says push *77 to record. The next step is dial *99. You can’t just press *99 without hanging out.

SO please update the GUI on FreePBX system recordings to enter # after recording the message on.


Please create a ticket in the ticket system stating the above: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/newticket

I did such right after posting this.