IVR not wirking

Hi there.
i have a little setup goins somthing like this
call comes in goes to time condions and if it is during the working hours i have set everything works great.
but when it is out side bisness hours i have set a afterbissness hours ivr and i was testing it and doesnt work correctly. ie
a call has been made to the pbx right the if it is outside the bissness hours it is ment to play the afterhours ivr the caller can not hear anything at all but the after hours ivr is working because in CLI i can see that it is playing but the caller can not hear thank you and someone please help…

Executing [[email protected]:11] Set(“SIP/61386778623-08579bd0”, “__IVR_RETVM=”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:12] ExecIf(“SIP/61386778623-08579bd0”, “1|Background|AAA/Thank_you_for_calling_Codatel&silence/1&AAA/You_have_called_us_outside_our_normal_business_hours&AAA/If_your_amtter_is_urgent_please&AAA/Press_9&AAA/To_be_transferred_to_our_afterhours_support_service&AAA/You_may_also_leave_a_message_after_the_tone_and_someone_will”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:13] WaitExten(“SIP/61386778623-08579bd0”, “|”) in new stack

How did you record the IVR’s announcement. I have discovered that announcements that have been recorded outside of the phone server and uploaded usually have to be massaged a little before they will work. There is documentation elsewhere on these forums and the web to walk you through it. I would give you the commands, but I don’t remember them.

t that if i call into the pbx from a mobile fone it works fine its just off a normal landline phone that the problem occurs.thank you you can try it if you like 61386778623

I called at 10:16 PM eastern Daylight time in the US. I got audio. I used a VOIP carrier in Europe for the call. I could hear the IVR. I did not push any buttons, but the IVR was working.

i am not sure dude
’but was soon as it hits 5:30pm australian easterns time it does not work anyone have a clue what can be wrong

Problem solved i havd some fils that were gsm and i coverted them to al and its working fine
thank you

No problem. Glad I could help. You should join the e164 dundi cloud.

the IVR page was working fine, suddnley i try to add new IVRs and delete the old ones, but there is no response…after i add new ones and pressing “submit and apply changes” i couldn’t find the new one…and also the same after deleting the old ones and pressing “submit and apply all changes” they are still existed. (although i am sure that the files are correct because they are working fine on another box)

and in the inbound routes, in the destination options, i can’t find the new ones that i added.
So what’s the problem, is that because of PHP or because of the IVR module, if so how can i fix the PHP problem or how can i reinstall the IVR module.
or what’s the problem actually and what’s its solution.


You might have a better response by starting a new thread. codatel and I had pretty well wrapped this one up.