IVR not waiting for 4 digit number

I have setup an IVR and it appears to be working for the most part. The main problem is that after 3 digits are pressed, the system responds saying “The conference number you have selected is invalid”. If you enter a valid 4 digit conference it works, but the “invalid conference” begins talking after you press the 3rd digit.

Is there a way to have the IVR wait until # is pressed to process the entry?
if not, how can I extend the number of digits that are required before it gives me the “invalid conference” message?

Thanks in advance!

what is the length of your extensions? do you have extension dialing enabled? if so turn it off and try again.

Our extension length is 3, “direct dial” is disabled, and it is giving me the error response.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again.

what are you trying to enter in the ivr - typically you enter 1-9, not a 3 digit number. perhaps I am not understanding what you are trying to do? most ivr’s say “press 1 for sales, press 2 for support…” and then the destination for that key press is defined to be what you want.

I’m using an IVR for a menu for conference rooms. I have one main 800 number that our sales people call. I would then like to give the sales people the option to dial the specific conference room extension, which is a 4 digit extension number.

The reason I want it a 4 digit extension is to simplify the user’s experience. If sales people inside the building called extension 1234 to access the conference, and sales people outside the building called the 800 number then dialed 1234, it would be more intuitive to use, and easier to send out instructions to users.

I have tried using direct dial extensions, but it still gives the error message after 3 digits are pressed. I have tried disabling direct dial and it gives the error message after 3 digits are pressed.

I’m not quite sure what the next step is…